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Vinylmation World’s 13 Vinylmation Predictions for 2013


In just a few short hours, we will welcome in 2013. While 2012 was a great year, 2013 should be even better. Well, last year we went a little far out for some of our predictions. So, here we are at 2013 and this year we have 13 predictions for everyone. Some are a little out there again, but others are a little more feasible. Matter of fact we allowed our readers to predict a few of these and you’ll see them below. So with out further delay, here are our 13 Vinylmation predictions for 2013.

Prediction #1: Disney will produce a Weapons/Acessories Pack after the little Marathon Medals sell out

Prediction #2: We will see Disney fans line up outside of Target stores every Friday after Disney decides to release Vinylmations in retail stores.

Prediction #3: After seeing the popularity of the Oswald, Disney will release a blind box series using the Oswald mold. The Chaser will be Al Micheals!!

Prediction #4: Disney will finally build a D-Street at every Disney Park all over the World. Really, why not? The one at WDW is always busy and it’s nothing for someone (me) to drop a few hundred dollars in there.

Prediciton #5: Park Starz Series 2 will be more popular than Series 1, when the series is revealed to have 4 chasers. Sorry we had to do it. We did role this over from last year. The previews so far just seem too good.

Prediction #6: We will finally see our first expanded set of 24 Vinylmations (24 different Vinylmations) when Park 13 is based on Epcot and there are just too many attractions to not be included.

Prediction #7: To the delight of fans, Park 14 will be the Extinct Attraction series. The chaser will be a Vinylmation based on Body Wars.

Prediction #8: There will be another Vinylmation mold that will be announced at the 2013 Reflections of Evil Event that will expand the Vinylmation brand even further.

Prediction #9: The Most popular set of the year will be……..Whiskers and Tails (At least for a few months).

Prediction #10: We will finally get a light-up Vinlmyation when the Holiday 4 chaser is a Christmas Tree with the lights attached.

Prediction #11: Park 13 we be released during or near the reflections of evil Vinylmation event. The series will feature evil related park rides/shops/characters and the chaser will be the black pearl from POTC. (Submitted by Nickyd at TradestreetUSA.com)

Prediction #12: Disneyland and Walt Disney World will finally get one of those fancy trading machines like they have in Japan.

Prediction #13: The Reflections of Evil Event in September will be bigger than ever.

That’s it. We hope you have a happy and safe New Years and a great 2013.

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  1. 1) I think acessories would be a smart move especially for CYO’s
    2) That’s a interesting idea, it would be a main stream move but i can’t see it.
    3) i think we haven’t seen the last oswald
    4) a dstreet in DLP would be fab, the animation shop (DLP’s main Vinylmation shop) in the Village is good, but it certainly felt nicer in Dstreet, I’d love to see more releases there so I can get them easier from DLP mail order
    5) park starz 2 will no doubt be a huge success
    6) i think it’ll go the other way, if the mini series like cutesters in vogue/urban redux sell well, i think they could move into releasing more smaller series, more often.
    7) a Epcot series would be awesome

  2. Thanks, Roger. I think you got a preview a little early. We updated the rest of the article with all 13 predictions. I will say 2013 will be an interesting year for Vinylmations as the brand expands and more and more people start collecting.

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