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Vinylmation Story Series: The Adventures of Cutesie Gigglie, part 4


The Adventures of Cutesie Gigglie, part 4

Written By, Angela Brister

        On Gigglie’s previous adventure, Gigglie was able to explain to the Apprentice why she desperately needed his help. The Apprentice was eager to help his great friend. The Apprentice was overpowered by a sneeze releasing an enchanted magical mist that transported both Gigglie and himself from Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle to Frontierland. From the previous adventure we learned the young Apprentice is still learning how to use his magical powers, so the master wizard has placed strict limitations on his abilities, and the adventure left off with the Apprentice knowing he was in Frontierland near his favorite place, the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.


“Gigglie, the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree is so much fun…you can find all types of live entertainment. One time I came here to watch cultural dancing…it was sooo much fun, and to top it off I met both Pinocchio and Geppeto…boy oh boy was that a lucky day. You know Gigglie, people don’t actually realize all the special famous people that come to the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree…I love this place”, said the Apprentice.

Gigglie’s eyes opened wide and she asked with great excitement, “you met Pinocchio”?

He proudly replied, “I sure did”. He continued on by saying while rocking from heel to toe, “you know we should check it out sometime…it’s usually a lot of fun, and maybe we will have ourselves a little BBQ”.

“That sounds fantastic”, responded Gigglie.

Gigglie was pretty happy to have found the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, but she really wanted to get back to finding the owner of the Black straw hat. Gigglie asked, “How do we get back to the castle”?

The Apprentice had no great desire to get back to the castle. He said, “Let’s see if we can take a quick peek on what’s happening inside, it’ll only take a half a second”.

Giggle happily agreed.

The Apprentice continued to say, “I think if I just lightly tap my nose twice and snap my fingers we will wind up on the other side of the entrance”. He looked at Gigglie with a great big mischievous smile and said, “Giggle, hold on!” The Apprentice with the softest touch taps his nose twice and briskly snaps his fingers with a single snap.

Instantly a whirlwind surrounds the two and the wind whistles:


The wind disappears and the two were dropped off in a mound full of brightly colored flowers. The flowers were in full bloom, beautiful and perfect for any eye to see. The flowery scent filled the air with the freshest floral aroma. They could smell the aroma of fresh roses…aah the smell. The colors were so vibrant: the yellow was as yellow as the sun, the pink were as pink as Gigglie’s cheeks, and the reds were as vibrant as the Apprentice’s robe. It was as if they landed in a freshly cut wedding bouquet.


Both Gigglie and the Apprentice were overjoyed; the flowers were so soft on their vinyl skin. Gigglie once again had an uncontrollable giggle. “I love all these flowers”, she said giggling.

The Apprentice replied, “This is the greatness of the Springtime Roundup at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. All kinds of pretty flowers, all of the beautiful smells, I too love this place”.

Gigglie off to a distance hears musical instruments getting louder and louder, and she asks, “Where’s the music coming from”?

The Apprentice stops giggling for a moment, so he can hear the distant melody. He replies, “oh, that sounds like some drums from a cultural show, we should try and jump down so we can see the show”.

Both Gigglie and the Apprentice were climbing all over the flowers trying to figure a way down. Gigglie could not stop smelling all of the beautiful flowers it was as if she was overpowered by the magic of Spring. Gigglie looked at a flower near the Apprentice and she went jumping over to smell the lovely white flower. The fragrance was so sweet and beautiful she knew the Apprentice could not pass up this beautiful smell, so she said, “you have to smell this one”.

The Apprentice looked down; he bent down low, and took a deep sniff. He said, “Oh, this smells like a gardenia” He went down to take another full sniff and he lost his balance and fell towards Gigglie almost hitting her and landed face down in an Easter Lily. The Apprentice’s face was covered in yellow pollen dust, his eyes were going crossed eyed, and he began short fast breaths. The Apprentice was unable to speak, he was breathing faster and faster and deeper and deeper, and he was barely able to squeak out, “hold on Gigglie” before he let out the loudest most uncontrollable sneeze ever.

Gigglie knew now what this meant, and she held on to the Apprentice’s robe for dear life.

Once again the Apprentice’s sneeze let out the magical mist. The magical mist began their show of dancing all around in a tornado style fashion surrounding both Gigglie and the Apprentice, and the magical mist once again began to sing their now familiar tune:


You sneezed, you sneezed, oh no, you sneezed

Today, today, we take the breeze

It’s magic, it’s magic, and you hold the keys

Keep close, keep close, do not squeeze

No fairy dust, no fairy dust, it makes you wheeze

We take you, we take you, where we please

The Apprentice once again says, “Hold on Gigglie”!

To Gigglie’s beliefs she thought they were spending a little more time embraced by the dancing and singing magical mist then the last time they underwent this experience. She became a little concerned because it seemed twice as long if not three times as long as before. They heard the volume of the singing go lower and lower and the Apprentice said, “Gigglie be ready, we are about to land”.

As the magical mist dissipated, a strong force slammed both Gigglie and the Apprentice into the face of a rock. In unison they both screamed as loud as they could, and the two of them looked at each other and screamed once more.

The Apprentice hurried to say in a strong mouse like voice, “Hold on, don’t move”.

Gigglie looked around and she could not believe what she saw; all she could do is hold on for dear life and then there she went, she began to giggle due to fear itself.


The two of them were hanging onto the side of a rock, vinyl miles high, if anyone of them took one wrong step they would tumble all the way down to the concrete bottom. Ouchers, now, that would definitely hurt. Neither one of them were interested in falling, so each one gripped the sides of the rock with their tiny little fingers, they kept their breaths shallow, they tried leaning only towards the rock, and their eyes only looked up. They looked down once and that was definitely enough, there was no need to look down again.

Gigglie in a very scared voice asked, “Now what? Apprentice, what are we going to do”?

The Apprentice responded, “Gigglie, right now we need to hold on. I need to gain my strength back; the magical mist and the length of the journey really drained my energy.”

“But”, said Gigglie.

The Apprentice interrupted by saying, “we need to wait, please think of happy thoughts and try to rest”.


“But I think I can rest better if I can move right over there”, said Gigglie.

Gigglie was standing on a very small ledge. Gigglie noticed there was a slightly larger enclave just a short couple of vinyl feet away . Gigglie in her heart felt if she could just shimmy over she would be a lot safer than just hanging on for dear life. She continued to look at the ledge and over to the safe spot, and she came to the conclusion she was going for it.

Gigglie said to the Apprentice, “I’m going….I’m going over to the bigger ledge…there’s more room to stand and I will be able to stand there longer. I can’t stay here”. Gigglie too felt very weak, her muscles in her toes and fingers were straining.

The Apprentice asked, “Where are you going?”

Gigglie said, “Over there to the right.”

“Please be careful”, said the worried Apprentice in a weak and broken voice.

Gigglie looked back over at the ledge and she said in her inner voice, “I’ve got this!”

Gigglie began her journey to the enclave with great caution. She took little side steps to the right and she made her tiny little fingers crawl to the right as well. Gigglie was not taking the risk of removing any one part of her body away from the rock; she wanted to stay as balanced as possible. As she reached the larger ledge she began to feel an unbalanced rocking motion and her eyes began to lose focus. She began to think to herself, “swaying is bad, swaying is bad…no more swaying. No more swaying…..focus, focus, focus….hurry…jump…jump…I can do it…JUMP!”

Giggle on until the adventure continues……

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