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Trading Vinylmations for Pumpkins with @Gyophry


I know, the title might seem crazy, but you have to see these things.  First off, Vinylmations are all about the artwork, of course the fact that’s Mickey Mouse doesn’t hurt either.  They are amazing and a wonderful collectible, so what better items to trade for than true artwork from another person.  Geoffrey, or as the Twitter world knows him @Gyophry, is one of our writers when the Disney Store actually releases new Vinylmations.

Along with collecting Vinylmations, Geoffery is also a Pumpkin artist from New Mexico.  Now if you are wondering, I live nowhere near New Mexico, so your first thought was mine too.  If I wanted a carved pumpkin, how in the world am I going to get it to my house a few thousand miles away and it not smell when it got here.  Come to find out, the pumpkin is actually a “replica” or a fake pumpkin.  Geoffery carves these pumpkins himself and you don’t throw them away when Halloween is over.  You actually get to keep these forever, or until you get tired of it.

I asked the family what they would like, and they said Cinderella’s Castle.  So, I asked and Geoffery came through.  Below is our pumpkin in stages.

The Design on the Pumkin
The Design on the Pumpkin and ready to be cut
Halfway done
The Finished Cinderella's Castle Pumpkin

I have to say, this pumpkin is awesome.  My daughters, my wife and even myself are in awe of this one-of-a-kind Pumpkin.  It has become the talking piece of our house when friends and family come over.

Geoffery not only designed my Cinderella’s Castle Pumpkin, but he has also carved many other Pumpkins.  Below is just a few of his designs.



As you can see Geoffrey is pretty good at carving pumkins.  I’m real sure if you put in a request, he’ll be glad to make one for you too.  You can find him on Twitter at twitter.com/Gyophry. Thanks Geo

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  1. Thank you for such kind words. This one was a blast to work on, and I was happy to see it go to a good home. The vinyls I got in return totally made it even better. After Halloween I’ll have a new article about the pumpkins and vinyls I’ve acquired during this busy time. Thanks again!

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