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The First Three Reveals from the new ‘A Stroll Around The World’ Custom Vinylmation series 


The new Custom Cinylmation series by Mark J. Hoffmann and Jennifer Bednarski will be released Thursday, April 30 at 9pm EST.  The series is designed to give the collectors a narrative walk around the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot.  Below are the first three reveals from the series, with more being released over the next several days.  So, join us as we take a little trip around the World.

A Stroll Around the World


So glad you’ve decided to join us on our stroll around the world!
Heading around the left side of the lagoon, we step into the first country in the world showcase…Mexico.  Who is there to greet us? Why, it’s that short-tempered yet lovable waterfowl, Donald Duck! Dressed in a traditional sombrero & poncho, he guides us inside the impressive meso-american pyramid, on our left, to the Plaza de Los Amigos. There he will begin his Meet-and-Greet with many excited fans.


We browse the twilight lit Mexican market, deciding whether to purchase a sombrero of our own or some colorful maracas. After making a few purchases, we step onto one of the many departing boats to enjoy the Gran Fiesta Tour. Snapping our fingers & tapping our toes to the festive cultural music, we once again encounter Donald with his musical friends, Jose Canoca & Panchito Pistoles, the 3 Caballeros. With the completion of our water serenade, we exit the boat, grab a quick churro snack before saying audios to festive Mexico.


Licking the last traces of cinnamon from our lips, we continue or stroll into Norway. Instead of stone structures and tropic flowers, we are surrounded in the majestic pine greens of the forest. Taking in the tall wooden peak of the Stave steeple ahead of us, we follow it’s lines down to the smiling face of Norway’s newest regal greeter. It’s none other than, Elsa, dressed in a gorgeously embroidered traditional Norwegian Bunad, complete with hair braid.


With her usual quick manner, she expertly guides us through several building designed much like a typical Norwegian village, complete with a hunting lodge. Our eyes take in the many carved wooden details of Vikings & trolls. Along the way, we meet many young men and women who have come over directly from the country of Norway to work in this miniature sister-land. Everyone agrees that we must try the School Bread. It’s as good as promised…sweet & soft cardamom breading filled with vanilla Creme custard & topped with shredded coconut.

Before exiting Norway, our icy ambassador tells us to come back soon, for many exciting changes are happening. With a sparkle in her eye and a twist of her wrist, there is an explosion of light and snow glitter. It quickly disappears, revealing a detailed miniature model of the much anticipated FROZEN attraction.


Stepping across the border of Norway into China, our ears instantly pick up the soothing soft sounds of flutes and chimes. Our eyes take in tranquil gardens enhanced with zen stone structures & soothing bubbling ponds. The gentle smell of flowers fill the air. Such a welcome calm in our busy stroll.

All of this serenity is in sharp contrast to the dynamic dancing figure before us. Is it a dragon? A lion? An….experiment? That’s it! It’s a 626…the much adored alien, Stitch! He’s dressed in a colorful, ornate costume fresh from performing the Chinese Lion Dance. Stitch is quick to point out the white fur on his costume. It signified his lion is the oldest & therefore the best. Silly Stitch…we already knew you’re #1!


As much fun as dancing as the lead lion was, Our blue is hot & tired. He grabs our hand and leads us directly towards one of Epcot China’s most delicious and refreshing treats. Strawberry Red Bean Ice Cream. He devours his in one bite! We’re not so quick to eat ours, so we take it along as Stitch gives us a quick tour of the art and artifacts in the House of Whispering Willows. After which, we hurry off to cool down even further in the air-conditioned Chinese Pavilion. There we enjoy learning all about this amazing Asian country in the Circle Vision 360 movie, Wonders of China.

A Stroll Around the World series is designed by Mark Hoffman and is the third custom in the collaborative series with Jennifer Bednarski. This 12-PC. custom blind-box vinylmation series will go on sale, Thursday, April 30 at 9:00 PM Eastern/8:00 PM Central/6:00 PM Pacific time. Purchase details can be found at https://jenbednarski.storenvy.com/

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