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Star Wars Set, Animation Series 4, 2014 Disneyland and WDW Vinylmations to be released Tomorrow


Tomorrow will be a huge release day for Vinylmation fans as the countdown to Christmas continues. So, with the huge release day tomorrow, here is the rundown of the Vinylmations that you can expect to see. Also, don’t forget that the normal release time for Vinylmations on Disneystore.com is just after 3am EST.

Animation Series 4 
Animation Series 4 will be released tomorrow online at Disneystore.com and at both D-Street locations.  They will sell for $12.95 per blind box and $310.80 per case.  The series chaser will be fairly popular, but will probably not come close to the popularity of the first official Weck-It Ralph Vinylmation.  Also, based on “Likes” on our Instagram page, Abu, Timon and Kronk will also be very popular.  At this time we have no word if the series will be released at Disney Stores or if there will be a variant in the series.  Below is a look at the entire series inclusion the chaser.
Star Wars Jedi Mickey/Emperor Stitch Set

The Jedi Mickey and Emperor Stitch set will be released tomorrow at both D-Street locations.  It looks to be a extension of the previously released Star Wars Disney Characters series.  However, this one will be limited to just 1500 sets and will be $29.95 per set.  This set will most likely sell very well being that it is released just before Christmas time. vm_starwars_jedi_mickey_orig2_0 vm_starwars_stitch_as_emperor_palpatine_orig2_0

2014 WDW Eachez Sorcerer Mickey 
The 2014 WDW Vinylmation features Sorcerer Mickey with logos from WDW on the robe and the WDW logo on the back. The Vinylmation is not LE so there will most likely enough to go around. However, with almost every Eachez release so far, most collectors buy two blind boxes in case they get a variant.  The regular 2014 Vinylmation (Blue hat) will be seeded in 9 out of ever 10 blind boxes while the variant (Red hat) will be 1 in 10. This will be the first non-LE Eachez release and it will be interesting to see how well the variant trades and/or sells on the the secondary market as compared to the LE Eachez Variants.  Look for the 2013 WDW Eachez Vinylmation at WDW D-Street and online at Disneystore.com tomorrow.
2014 Disneyland Eachez Sorcerer Mickey 
The Disneyland version of the 2014 Eachez Sorcerer Mickey Vinylmation will also be released tomorrow online at Disneystore.com and at Disneyland D-Street.  The Disneyland version also has logos on the robe that are distinct to Disneyland.  Also, just like the WDW version, the regular Vinylmation has an odds of 9/10 while the variant is 1/10.
Tomorrow will be a great day for Vinylmation fans.  Be sure to tag us in any photos of the Vinylmations that you buy, we’d love to see what you get.
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