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Review of the November GeekFuel Box and the included Star Wars item (Spoilers)


It’s that time of the month where we review the latest GeekFuel box.  With Star Wars: The Force Awakens set to premiere in just under a month, a new Star Wars item would make this box a great one.  Well, GeekFuel didn’t disappoint as they included an awesome The Force Awakens item.  While many collectors have already received their box, we want to warn you there are spoilers ahead.  So, if you don’t like spoilers hit the back button now, otherwise keep reading.

You have been warned!!  Here is a look at the items in the November GeekFuel box.

The Box!!

The sight of the bright red box on the doorstep will make anyone excited, but the possibility of getting a great item in this month’s box will cause the fan boy or girl to come out.  So, it’s time to dig right in to the monthly “Christmas present” we call GeekFuel!!

Upon pulling back the silver wrapping, we get a glimpse of what’s inside. The excitement is growing by the second!

The question everyone faces at this point is , how will this month’s box stack up to other months?   It’s looking good so far!!

Item #1 – GeekFuel Magazine 

Item #2 – War Poster 

Item #3 – Hunger Games Sticker

Item #4 – Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Pots

Item #5 – Fallout Vault-Tec Security Badge

Item #6 – Ghostbusters Playing Cards

Item #7 – How Games are Made Booklet and Downloadable Game Code IMG_7899

Item #8 – Star Wars Resistance T-ShirtIMG_7905

Item #9 – November Geek Fuel Summary CardIMG_7903

Final Thoughts

This month’s GeekFuel Mystery Box was another great one.  The inclusion of  the Star Wars t-shirt really helped make the box, plus the Pac-Man Salt and Pepper shakers we great too.

If you would like to subscribe to the December GeekFuel Mystery Box, head on over to Geekfuel.com. One month will cost $17.90 plus $6.00 shipping.  Of course the more months you subscribe too, the cheaper it gets.

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