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Full Previews of Vinylmation Jr. Series 7 – In Space


Here are the full previews of the upcoming Vinylmation Jr. Series 7 Vinylmations.  The series was designed by Thomas Scott and will retail for $9.95 each when it’s released on Jan. 11 at both D-Street locations and Jan. 4 at Disneystore.com.  The series includes 16 regular Vinylmations and 2 chasers and possibly a variant.

We previewed the series earlier today when it was released early yesterday at Hollywood Studios.  In case you missed it, click here.

However, the official series previews were posted earlier tonight and featured 3 Mystery Vinylmation photos.  Does this mean there is a Variant?  Without a picture due to a broken link, we are not sure yet.  Hopefully, we’ll know in a few days.  Until then enjoy the previews.


Below are 11 of the 16 Jr’s and one of the chasers.  We’ll update you when Disney fixes the broken links. VM_Jr._1 VM_Jr._2 VM_Jr._4 VM_Jr._5 VM_Jr._6 VM_Jr._8 VM_Jr._9 VM_Jr._12 VM_Jr._15 VM_Jr._16


One of two Vinylmation Junior Series 7 chasers

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 12.01.50 AM

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