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Detailed Look at the upcoming Urban Redux Vinylmation Series


This series has been one of the most interesting Vinylmation series we’ve ever seen. First we published the photo the other day with the odds on it, then the news came out that there were 3 Cat combo toppers. But then the search was one to figure out the chaser and variants. Below are some detailed photos from Trade Street USA as well as some various sources and what we know so far. We apparently still have yet to see two of the variants. Hopefully we’ll get some previews of these within the next few days.

The odds from the Urban Redus box


Photo courtesy of Vinylmation Exchange and Andrew Pitts


The Three Cat Combo Toppers



The Red Ninja Variant


The Chaser (Front and Back)


Photo courtesy of Jon Pleszewski and Vinylmation Exchange

8561885472_73c9f0b3cb_zPhoto courtesy of Trade Street USA


The rest of the series

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