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Custom Vinylmation Artist Spotlight – Rask Opticon


We had a chance to sit down with custom artist Rask Opticon this week. Rask is one of the more exciting new talents to come into the custom Vinylmation scene in sometime. Ever since we saw his Cheshire Cat piece at the most recent DLR trade night we were hoping to get a chance to ask him some questions, and this week we made it happen.

Q: Rask it’s a real pleasure to get a chance to talk. When we met you at the last DLR trade night and saw your Cheshire piece we were pretty impressed. Can you talk a little bit about how you got started in doing custom Vinylmation?

A: Through a friend of mine, Javier Soto.  He encouraged me to do one for an event, he had a booth there. I painted one and displayed it at his booth. I have been doing Vinyls for about 6 months now, I started with a blank 9 Inch Vinyl.

RASK OPTICON Cheshire Cat Vinylmation

Q: But from looking at your work its clear that you aren’t new to art in general, how long have you been an artist?

A: Since the 2nd grade. Been drawing most of my life. I’ve been doing art all my life, but as far as making a living off of it, since the summer of 2003.

RASK OPTICON Mike Wazowski vinylmation

Q: That is so cool that you are able to live off of something that you have loved for so long. Good for you man. So talk a little bit about what you are liking about Vinylmation?

A: I like when my clients ask me to go wild, to do MY style. I’ve been experimenting with new styles and techniques.

RASK OPTICON Lotso vinylmation

Q: I think that’s what we have really appreciated about your work so far, it’s all highly original and that’s exciting because in the custom world it seems that is pretty rare these days? What about artists that inspire you?

A: In the fine arts, Micheal Hussar and  Viktor Safonkin. In the graffiti scene, Zeser and in the street art scene, Os Gemeos. I love Os Gemeos yellow characters, a lot of bright colors and patterns.

RASK OPTICON ursula vinylmation

Q: You have done some really good stuff recently. Out of all the customs that you have done which would you say is your favorite?

A: My favorite vinyl is the Cheshire Cat. It was the first time I went wild and really different. I made him look like he was patched up and that opened up new ideas like the 3D stitching I started doing on the last few vinylmations. Also the first time I tried out the distressed/beat up look. Yeah, he looked really sinister.

Q: It is a really nice take on the Cheshire Cat. So where can people see more of your work?

A: You can find my vinyl toy customizations at my website, www.distortionoflife.com   and/or my Facebook www.facebook.com/rask.opticon

Rask we appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us and we look forward to seeing your work in the future!


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