Young Carl and Ellie Vinylmation Set and the Mystery of the QR Code


After posting the Young Carl and Ellie set on Instagram, it became one of our most liked photos of all time.  That means that this set will be highly sought after. The set will retail for $24.95 each and will be LE 2000.  The question is will it become the next Wall-E and Eve?  Only time will tell.

Remember this set, along with the other SDCC exclusives will be released at Comic Con and you will need a QR code from the Disney Booth (#4829) to purchase it.  The Disney booth will have one exclusive available each day and any remaining Vinylmations from that day will go on sale at a later date on  No official word on when the later day is supposed to be, but it’s most likely next week sometime.

If you ‘ve never seen what a QR Code is, here is one.

If you have an app on your phone such as Red Laser or QR Reader, all you have to do is open the app and take a photo of the QR code with your phone.

At this point we are not sure if SDCC QR Code will be lead to a special site or a page on  But any way you look at it, anyone wanting to purchase the special Vinyls this week from SDCC will have to have the QR code.



  1. Tracy /

    This is devastating to me! Out of any vinyls I want this the most and I fear those who get them at comic con will do what I always thought Disney didn’t want, sell them to those who do want them at ridiculous prices.. I’m sad.

  2. don /

    if they continue to do this it will drive prices up too high and collectors away.

  3. edward /

    does any body think is possible to take a picture of the code and posted , that way we can gain access ?

  4. Dave /

    As an owner of a Wall-E & Eve set, I was cringe at the thought of paying $400+ for this set. I’m planning on waking up at 3:00AM just to purchase this online. If it sells out at Comic Con (which it probably eill), I’ll be really angry! At least Disney could split set aside 1000 for CC and 1000 for

  5. admin
    admin /

    We believe a lot of people are hoping they don’t sell out. However, Dave, there is no official information that says they will be released at 3AM EST. It’s woth a try, but the word we got is next week.

  6. admin
    admin /

    Edward, there is always that possibility, but at this point we aren’t sure if you will need a badge # or anything else in order to purchase.

  7. Christine /

    So Carl and Ellie will be at Comic-Con first? From the recent posts I had thought they were to be released through Disney Store online. Does anyone know which booth they’ll sell at? The Disney booth has generally been a “publishing” booth the past few years. Would they be at the Funko booth, perhaps? I guess I’m going to have to make my husband use his comic-con badge just to be able to get an extra set for my son.

  8. Dave /

    When you say the release is next week, does that mean the July 12th date is only for Comic Con and not for

  9. I’m wondering where this QR code info is coming from and how do you know that it’s fact?

  10. admin
    admin /

    Dave, next week we understood is a week after the Comic Con release

  11. admin
    admin /

    Christine, the Disney booth is #4829. Funko should be right next to them.

  12. admin
    admin /

    Missmouse1028, we confirmed this information after hearing it Friday night at the trade night.

  13. edward /

    cristine will your husband be willing to share the QR code with us?

  14. Confirmed it with Disney? If so, why isn’t Disney posting this on I know you probably don’t have the answer to that, but it would be nice of them to let people know that they shouldn’t expect a “normal” release on the SDCC items.

  15. admin
    admin /

    We’re not sure whay they haven’t released the information, yet. Hopefully they will in the next day or two.

  16. Jared Plew /

    A photo of the QR code will scan as long as its a decent photo. I pray that someone posts one and I can find it before these sell out.

  17. Traceland /

    That sucks and dishonor on Comic-Con!

  18. Rust /

    Hard to find, super LE, high aftermarket value stuff is a Comic Con tradition. Disney is just now getting in on what the other toy companies have been doing for years. Hasbro’s Cobra Commander/Starscream figures go for like $200 now. It’s the comic con game, not Disney specifically giving the finger to collectors.

  19. Dave /

    Yeah, but what does Disney stand to gain by falling into the comic con game? It’s pretty disappointing to show off a LE set in Florida and then say, “oh by the way, if you really want this you’ll need to go to California to buy it or pay four times the price on eBay.” It’s not like these are going to sit on a shelf collecting dust until they’re discounted at an outlet. These will be gone at Comic Con unless they do the right thing and hold some back for everyone else to purchase online.

  20. admin
    admin /

    To sum it all up, one vinyl will be offered each day. At the end of the day that Vinyl will not be available again until it is offered online at a later date. Yes the QR code is needed to purchase it. We believe the Up set may be the only one to actually sell out, but we also understand it’s the most popular.

    If we get anymore details we will pass them along, first on Twitter and Facebook and then here on the site. That is all we know so far. Hopefully, we’ll know more information real soon.

  21. Rust /

    I think having some exclusivity to some of the products helps the line overall. It creates demand, increases interest in trading, may bring in new collectors of people at SDCC. I think putting tons of items on sale months after they release or giving away Robots and Cutesters hurts the product way more than a LE exclusive. There have been Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, etc exclusives for years, and all of those toy lines are still strong.

  22. lorne /

    Where, online, can they be bought? The theme of my wedding was up…

  23. admin
    admin /

    When and if the are available online, they will be on

  24. Bill Graham /

    I understand some of y’all are really interested in these. That’s awesome. But complaining about their exclusivity does nothing. If they sold them online, would they not still be exclusive? They have a limited run. Everyone that wants one won’t get one. Comic-Con is the single biggest pop culture celebration in America and perhaps the world. They pull out all the stops. Giving the attendees exclusives helps heighten their appeal and reward people for actually being at a place, something you don’t see all that often in this internet age.

  25. joanna /

    I am so sad and let’s face it depressed, after reading this post. I was so looking forward having at least a chance to buy this beautiful set online at the retail price. But now it seems that, that chance may or will not be possible at all. Unfortunately, there is no way i can afford the inflated price that ebay sellers will be selling them at!!!! I love this movie, the characters, the story line, its message!!! its a movie that makes me happy inside and out.

  26. Christine /

    Admin- thank you for the booth number. I will be going to Comic-Con preview night on Wednesday and will post info if I found out anything new then. @Edward- usually, when there are special purchases or giveaways at Comic-Con, you show your badge and someone at the booth scans it. When your badge is scanned, it’s tied to your personal comic-con registration information. Therefore, if I wanted a set and my hubby wanted a set, we would have to have both our badges scanned. Now, I have no idea if this is the case for these vinyls, nor do I know about the QR code and the specifics of how this will work for this purchase, I only know from past experience.

  27. Edward /

    Any news om when they will offer online , some places say what ever is left will be offer to the public online thw next day , is it true?

  28. Edward /

    Anybody notice last night at the release it said LE of 1500 and now it sais LE of 2000 , i also noticed the limited amount you can purchase was 4 and now even that its sold out says limited to 2 per order

    The same happened yesterday wth the comic con boy and girl

    This means maybe more will be available?????? , lets hope

  29. admin
    admin /

    Yeah, it looks like they corrected it sometime this afternoon to match the box.