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WDW Vinylmation Update: The Disney Character Premiere Outlet Store at the Orlando Premium Outlets


The Disney Character Premiere Outlet store at the Orlando Premium Outlets on Vineland Ave. has had a makeover with a fresh new look in the past few months. The Vinylmation section has also moved out of the corner, more in that later, and onto the wall on the large sidewall.

Usually, their selection of Vinylmations are the “unwanted ones”. However, the Vinyls they had today, was a little different. They had a huge selection of Oh Mickeys, Animal Kingdom and Big Eyes, and even a small selection of Sports Vinylmations for $6.99 each.


The Oh Mickeys were $8.99 each, while the Animal Kingdom and Big Eyes were $5.99 each.
Next, they had a few Urban 9″ Vinylmations at $27.99 each.

They even had one Urban 6 Moai 9″ signed by Casey Jones for $27.99

20111122-153522.jpgThey also had the 2011 WDW Marathon 9″ Vinylmation marked down to $7.99 each. While talking to one of the Cast Members, she said they just sold out of the 2011 WDW Marathon 3″ Vinylmations for $1.99 each.

To top off the trip, they had just received a shipment of Disney Cruise Line exclusives. They had the Mediterranean Cruise Vinylmation and the Mexican Riviera Cruise Vinylmation for $5.99 each. People were buying them fast, so by the time you read this they will probably be all gone.

Even if you don’t like any of the Vinylmations they have, the prices are well below the new releases in the Parks and make for some great traders.  Of course every once in a while you will run across a few really “good ones” that you can trade with other collectors to get the Vinylmations you really want.

Finally, the manager said they were getting all of the Vinylmations ready for a “huge” sale at midnight tonight.  She would not tell me what the sale was, but said “if I was a Vinylmation collector, that I would not want to miss the sale”.  We are assuming that it will be Buy One Get One Free, but that’s just speculation.  If it is, then that would make the Animal Kingdom and the Big Eyes $3 each.

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