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WDW Vinylmation Update: Animal Kingdom Park


Well, to tell you the truth this update will be short. After seeing various Vinylmation items being released at the Animal Kingdom, we thought that trading and Vinylmation selection would be greater.

The Island Mercantile is the place to shop for Vinylmations. They had one whole section filled with some of the newest releases: Park Starz, Alice In Wonderland, Urban 8, Park 7….etc. They also had a mystery 24 box.





Across the way at the Disney Outfitters, they didn’t have any Vinylmations for sale but they did have a clear trading box. Of course it had the usual suspects in it.


Next we took a right and went to Dinoland and found a nice selection at The Dino Insitute. They had a few of the newer Vinyls, but also had a few older ones. To top it off they had a mystery 24 box, but the CM made you trade and didn’t give you an option. While we’re on that, we found that the rules around Disney property varied greatly. One CM would ask what you were looking for and one would make you trade. We even had one CM ask us how many chances we were supposed to get. We wanted to say 24…LOL.



Finally, they had a small selection at the exit of Expedition Everest. Again, Park 7, Park Starz and Urban 8 prevailed. They did have a Clear Trading Box, but some one had filled it up with Park 3 vinyls. They must have went to the Outlet Store.

Finally, on the way out, we stopped at the Outpost where they had a clear trading box again filled with Park 3 vinyls.

Overall, they Animal Kingdom is not the most ideal place to trade Vinylmations. Just 2 Mystery boxes in the park, and only a hand full of clear trading boxes doesn’t help the trading process.
On a final note, we can’t wait until we can walk into Avatar Land and trade Vinylmations. Hopefully they will have more trading or even a Vinylmation Only store by then.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another WDW Vinylmation Update.