Vinylmation World’s Weekend Update for 5.8.11 – Mothers Day, 9″ Invasion, Pirates

It’s time once again for our weekend update, where we review the week’s news and hopefully give all Vinylmation fans some insight into the week ahead.  Before we go on, we hope all of you had a great Mother’s Day.

We got some news from the Florida Project this week.  The first thing we had was a question as to what the Florida Project actually is.  Well to make a long story short, for those of your that don’t know, the Florida Project is basically a Pin/Vinylmaiton Convention.  Plus it’s a way for Disney to generate some of that important stuff…MONEY!!!  Right now as it stands if you decided to go for the Vinylmaiton Showcase on 9/11, you might want to budget in excess of $180.  That’s if you don’t have a hotel room, you pack your own lunch, you drive an electric vehicle and you can some how get into EPCOT for FREE.  If you take all of that into account then you will be spending a huge chunk of money.  Maybe gas will be around $2 a gallon by then…. hey, we can wish can’t we!! Of course nothing will beat the experience of being there.

Over the next few weeks, we will be having a 9″ Vinylmation revolution.  Next Friday the 13th, 2 of the long awaited Animation 9″ Vinylmations will be released Hyancith Hippo and Willie the Whale will be released at both D-Street locations.

However, we believe they should have released the Haunted Mansion series on Friday the 13th. Just a thought….

Then on the 20th, we get four new Urban 6 9″ Vinylmations.  On that day they will release Love, Viking, Meter and Stars.  I guess if you rearrange those releases you could get Love-Meter or Stars-Meter or if you’re a Minnesota fan… Viking-Love.  Anyway, they should sell well and probably won’t last too long.

Finally on May 21, there will be a special 9″ Pirate Vinylmation released at Disneyland.  All we know so far is the autograph signing will be from 2-5pm and there are limits.  For more info check out our Vinylmation Release and Events page.

Last, but not least, we hope all of you enjoyed our first release of the Visual Vinylmation Checklist.  We will be releasing this particular checklist on a monthly basis.  We hope you can use it while out trading in the parks, or just taking inventory around home.  In our next release, June 1, we will be adding Vinylmation Jr.’s and every 9″ Vinylmation released so far.  If you haven’t downloaded it, feel free to by clicking here.

That’s all for this week.  Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great week.

Vinylmation World