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Vinylmation World News – Spring Break Releases


Another week has come and gone and with it a brand new release.  This week we saw the release of the TRON series.  We got our first glimpse of the series in the fall and from that point on, it seemed like we had at least one person every week ask about it’s release date.  The series was released at both D-Street locations and online.  Six of the Eight Tron Vinylmations released sold out very quickly online, but it now seems as though, like always, Disneystore.com got a limited quantity.

Next up for the World of Vinylmations is the release of Park 6.  Right now Park 6 is slated to be released Friday, Apr. 1.  Currently we have seen all 11 base figures as well as the Combo topper.   At this point we will assume that D-Street locations will open up a little earlier than normal for the release.  Park 6 was released in Paris this past Friday and yes there is a confirmed variant, and the chaser may be the most popular yet when it hits the states. Click here to see the Park 6 Variant. Next, click here to see the the Park 6 chaser. You can preview all of the Park 6 Vinylmations here.

We also learned that the 2nd Disney Afternoon set will be released on Apr. 8 at D-Street locations.  Unlike last time, it will not be offered online.  That does not leave a whole lot of figures at either D-Street, but nontheless they will be a hot commodity.  The set to be released is the Ducktales Set with Launchpad McQuack and Scrooge McDuck.  How fitting that there is a Scrooge McDuck being released.  With all of the recent Vinylmation releases we believe we all may need a rich uncle to keep up. FYI: The Most recent Disney Afternoon release is selling for 2x-3x the release price of $26.95.

The Celebrations 3″ + 1 1/2″ Series will also be released on Apr. 8 at D-Street locations and probably on Disneystore.com shortly after.  Ther is 10 different 3″ Vinylmations and each one will come with one of three Vinylmation Jr.s.  This will bring at least 30 new Vinylmation Jr.s for any Jr. collector out there.  Of course, as usual, there will probably be a variant in there some where.

The Muppets Series 2 will be released on 4/15.  As of right now we know of four figures that will be released.  We do know that if the “powers that be” want to make the collector happy, the series might want to have a Gonzo and Animal Vinylmations.

We are still not sure what is going on with the Sushi set.  The set was tweeted about on Wednesday when someone found the actual Disnaystore.com page. At this point it seems it was released in Paris, not here in the states, yet.

Last, Ken Barrett over at VinylDisplays offered our followers a discount on his new Vinylmation display.  You can read about his design and get more information about the display, here.

That’s all for this week.  We hope you enjoyed our update and don’t forget to check back each day for the latest Vinylmation news.

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