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Vinylmation World News – 3.21.11: Villains 9″, Ebay, Checklist


It’s Monday in the Vinylmation World, and this is the News…..

The Villains 9″ + 1 1/2″ were released this morning.  The Maleficent + Princess Aurora sold out in less than one hour.  The Jumba and Julius 9″ sold out shortly thereafter.  The Disney Store did do something that is new.  They grouped all three 9″ together and sold them as a group, for $179.85.  Of course it also sold out very quickly.

We guess the secondary market will thrive when people actually get them in hand… be ready.

The Urban Series 6 came out this past weekend and it included 4 variants and the normal chaser.  So far the variants have brought some big money on ebay with Blue Thumb and Yellow Clear 1337 Mou53 bringing $150+ right now.

This week will also see the release of TRON Legacy Vinylmations on Friday.  Our prediction is that these will sell well, but not at the level of the Star Wars Vinylmations.  Of course, the more popular figures wil sell out first and then the rest may sit on the shelf.  Our guest reporter DC_Sarah shared here preview of the TRON Legacy release, you can read it by clicking here.

The last bit of news today is the release of our popular Vinylmation Pocket Checklist.  We added the Urban 6 Variants and Chaser as well as the new Celebrations 3″.  As of right now the TRON set is already on the checklist and so the checklist will probably not need to be updated until Park 6 comes out, apparently on Apr. 1.

Speaking of release dates, Muppets 2 will be released on 4/15.  So far we have releases every Friday.  3/25 -TRON, 4/1 – Park 6, 4/8 – Disney Afternoon, 4/15 – Muppets 2. This makes you wonder what is coming out on 4/22, 4/29 and 5/6.

Stay Tuned…….

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