Sorcerer Mickey Vinylmation with Super Cool Disney Cast Member

Cruising around the various trade circles as we often do we are able to interact with tons of Vinyl fans. This week we were fortunate to run into a Super Cool Disney Cast Member who was fortunate enough to get one of the Sorcerer Mickey light ups that were given out only to cast members this week. She had heard the rumors that cast members were going to be given the Sorcerer as a token of appreciation from Disney, but she wasn’t sure what to expect. Lets just say that she was more than pleased that the rumors are true. She sent us these pictures and they must be shared! Thanks to our Super Cool Disney Cast Member for her generosity in sharing these with the rest of the vinyl community!

That is a good looking vinyl!

Look at me!

What is this?

Hmm, it lights up!


Jealous? Ahhh…do you want a turn to?

Looking good!

Looking Great!


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  1. Matthew /

    nice vinyl
    is it available online?

  2. admin
    admin /

    Hopefully real soon!

  3. Patti /

    Any idea when it will be available to the public?

  4. Follow this link, and look on May 28,2012!

  5. admin
    admin /

    Thanks for the update