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Vinylmation Creative Photography – Vinylmation 95


6/15/2012 will forever be known as the day that Carsland opened at Disneyland, or the day that a bunch of crazy Disney fans stood in 7 hour lines to get on the new Radiator Springs Racers ride, or maybe known as the day where epic Vinylmation fans camped out overnight to get a few DCA exclusives. Apparently some of you crazies camped out just to get your hands on the precious new Vinyl being offered up, and while we say crazies you better believe we wish we were there with you. However there is a slight twinge of disapointment hearing that there were no ceremonial drum circles, puppet shows, or patchouli incense throwdown’s. This is California people and sometimes we have to use these gatherings to let our California shine.

So while the excitement of Cars Land peaks we take a look this week at some of the radical Vinylmation 95 that were on display at the Wonderland Gallery at Downtown Disney. Check them out and enjoy and if you feel inspired join the Vinylmation 95 trading group on Facebook here!


Carsland Opens by @dizpix on twitter


Kermit by Amy Mebberson


Flowers by Bridgett Barrager

Calef Brown

Ariel by J Scott Campbell

Monsters Inc by Lyla Warren

Rack o Vinylmation95 by Noah

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