Vinylmation Confrontation: D-Tour

Tayner: Hi everyone! My name is Tayner. I am a writer for Vinylmation World, with my series of articles entitled, “Vinylmation Confrontation”. In each article, I will be debating a newly released series of Vinylmation, or a set of Vinylmation that hasn’t come out yet, but photos have been released. I will always be accompanied by one of my family members; one of which whom I feel has the most different opinion of the set to mine. Let’s get started!

Tayner: For this week’s Vinylmation Confrontation, we will be discussing the newly released series of D Tour. This set was released on Friday, January the 20th, 2012 and retails for $12.95 USD. The artist(s) for the set is unknown and it is an open edition series. I really like this set. My dad, Glenn, however, does not. Unfortunately, there is no chaser, variants, or accessories, so there is not a lot that we can discuss, but Dad, you can begin. What do you think of the set as a whole?

Dad:  As a whole, I find the set to be difficult visually.  Individual pieces have lots of distracting design and colour, which may appeal to some, but not to me.  The set lacks focus, not just as a group, but on each individual piece.  Your eye never quite knows where to land, and the presentation is confusing.  Its continual use of varied or blurred lines, blaring color and crammed design make it problematic to digest and appreciate.  If the “D” is meant for “Distracting”, then the artists have hit the nail on the head.

Tayner: In my opinion, this is an amazing looking set. I love how each design is a type of Mickey Mouse, but unique. I think that the set has some great designs and representations, and that the colours really benefit the set as a whole. Each figure is really unique, and I like that about the set.


Tayner: Well even amongst a set that you hate, there must be one figure that stands out to you as the best. Tell us about your favourite figure.

Dad:  If I had to choose a piece that I find a tad appealing, it would be the “Headphones Mickey”.  It looks the most like a finished piece.  The concept is appealing, and gives credibility to the street level concept intent of the set.  The color contrast between the grayscale head and the coloured body also makes it interesting, giving it a both dated and current blend.

Headphones Mickey

Tayner: My favourite figure would have to be the Color Blocks figure. I love how the colours are so bright and vibrant. I also love how the artist change the shades of some colours to make a ‘shadow’ effect, but make the shadows are shapes too. Sounds a little confusing, but if you look at the figure, you’ll know what I mean (LOL). I think that all the colours really complement each other, and that the colours the artist picked for certain areas are great choices. If the artist were to do the standard Mickey colours, but in this form of shapes, it wouldn’t look as cool, in my opinion. Choosing colours that are not known for the area with the exception of the pants and gloves, really gives the figure a “I want that” appeal.

Colour Blocks

Tayner: Since we can’t discuss a chaser or variant, let’s discuss the boxes that they come in. I’ll begin. I think that the boxes are well designed. It is a little too ‘street’ and ‘graffiti’ for me, but I still like it. The boxes are designed so they look very hip, and with such designs as there are, the box really goes along with the set as a whole. I think that the box is great.

Dad:  I agree with you regarding the boxes.  They match the distraction feeling that the pieces give off, and therefore are a good match to the concept being presented.  The “graffiti” on it is somewhat illegible from a distance, and may take a consumer a moment to comprehend what it says.  However, I think that is intentional, and inspired.  That being said, the box is definitely designed well for capturing the atmosphere for what is inside.

King Mickey
Monster Mickey

Tayner: Now comes the part of the article where we rate the series. Dad, what would you give the series as a rating out of 12 Blind Boxes?

Dad:  Since I can pick one piece that sticks out, and the boxes are designed well, I would give this set a 4, or maybe a 5 out of 12.  It is the first set that I personally have not found any interest in obtaining at least one of the figures, but have to give the artists credit for trying to attract a very defined  and particular audience.

Tayner: I would give this set a 10 out of 12 Blind Boxes. I think that all of the designs are really great, and are very unique from each other. I like the fact that these are open edition, especially with such unique designs, so that you can purchase only the ones you want. I, while not being a fan of graffiti, enjoy the box designs and think they work well with the figures. I am not a fan of some figures, so that is why it is not a perfect rating.

Tayner: Thanks for joining us on another edition of Vinylmation Confrontation. We hope that you will join us next time! Bye for now!

Doug Williams

Fan of toys and the world of Disney. Writer and Toy Photographer. On instagram as @allthosewonderfultoys