Vinylmation Celebration (Day 1): Enter to Win a signed Vinylmation by Maria Clapsis

Welcome to our Vinylmation Celebration

Today is the first of three days of giveaways here at Vinylmation World.  It is our way of saying thanks to you for your support this past year.  One of the great things about Vinylmations, is the ability to meet the artists.  We got to meet a lot of them at the Florida Project and then again at the Park Starz release.  At the Florida Project, we had this day in mind when we got Disney Design Group artisit, Maria Clapsis to sign the Urban 7 Psychedelic Mouse that she designed.  So today right here on our website we want to give you a chance to win this beauty.

To enter, post a comment below and tell us who your favorite Vinylmation Artist is.  That’s it.  One entry per person.  You may login to comment or fillout the comment boxes with you Name, Email and your favorite artisit.  To sign up and enter, click here. The contest will close at 12AM PST/3AM EST tonight.  Also feel free to tell your friends about the contest by sharing it using one of the Social Media icons below. Thanks again and good luck.




  1. Bentoch /


  2. Tomas M. /

    Thomas Scott is my favorite artist, the Alice series was fantasist.

  3. Christina M. /

    Maria Clapsis is my fav.

  4. John Sheridan /

    Thomas Scott

  5. Denise /

    Monty Maldovan

  6. Bryce hamamoto /

    Thomas scott

  7. Steven Sperduto /

    Mike Sullivan

  8. Maria Clapsis!!!

  9. Christine Torres /

    Mike Sullivan! Yeah for Star Wars!

  10. Deneen /

    They all are! Everyone is a different artist in their own way.

  11. Tommy2d /

    May the Force be with Mike Sullivan ^^

  12. Casey Jones! Love the NBC series 🙂

  13. I’m all about Monty. Monty AND Evilos (we <3 ya, man!!)

  14. Buzzrunner /

    Casey Jones

  15. Quinton /

    Casey Jones all the way.

  16. vinylv /

    Maria Clapsis

  17. Patrick /

    My favorite artist is Gerald Mendez

  18. MegSRP /

    My favorite is Maria Clapsis because she designed my favorite vinyl, the P5 9″ Fantasmic!

  19. Kevivir /

    favorite artist i would say is either evilos or thomas scott.

  20. Maria Clapsis 😀

  21. Danielle Patel /

    Thomas Scott!!! Love AIW!!

  22. Jasmine /

    Casey Jones!

  23. Michael Franke /

    Thomas Scott!

  24. Mike Sullivan

  25. Crglrsn /

    Monty Maldovan, as his P1 Kermit is best use of the ears I’ve seen to date.

  26. Mike Sullivan for Star Wars. No question

  27. Evilos and noah

  28. heather /

    Maria! Everything she designs is so adorable.

  29. jyoun005 /

    Casey Jones!

  30. Ryan A /

    Thomas Scott

  31. kaidoy021 /

    Noah and Evilos

  32. Nicholas Demuth /

    Thomas Scott

  33. apple9117 /

    Oskar Mendez!!!!!!!

  34. Whoever made the Roger Rabbit 9″!

  35. Melissa L /

    All of them!! Evilos – Thomas Scott – Maria Clapsis – Casey Jones……..

  36. hiddentrader /

    Thomas Scott! For my U8 Beatnik from him! 🙂

  37. Cliffie26 /


  38. Fconicella79 /


  39. Casey Jones.

  40. Xavier /

    Mike Sullivan for me

  41. For us the best artist is… Casey Jones

  42. Lisa Badeen because of her work on the Park 3 chaser. That was my very first vinyl, and it is what started my boyfriend and my collecting. The artwork is subtle but recognizable, and it’s much more special to me because of the sentimental value of that specific figure.

  43. GemmaC /

    Maria Clapsis

  44. Amanda Stark /

    Maria Clapsis <3

  45. Kimberly Urdahl /

    Casey Jones.

  46. Jessica /

    Maria Clapsis!

  47. Bryant W /

    Casey Jones but each of the artist has some brilliant pieces!

  48. vinylwonderland /

    Thomas scott!! ..Alice set got me hooked!

  49. My favorite artist is Thomas Scott.

    Note: look at all the comments:)

  50. Maria Clapsis!

  51. Dean R /

    Another Casey Jones here!!

  52. James Alagala /

    mike sullivan and evilos

  53. Mike Sullivan!

  54. Thomas Scott

  55. librarybar84 /

    Casey Jones!

  56. I’d say Doug Strayer.

  57. bissyflem /

    Monty Maldovan.

  58. j2007skier /

    Casey Jones!

  59. Disneybean /

    Everyone! But I really like Maria clapsis and Oskar Mendez designs! 🙂

  60. TheDisneylandGazetteTrader /

    My favorite artist is Maria Clapsis, hands down. Very creative and makes the most out of all her creations.

  61. elementalmania /

    Thomas Scott!

  62. Cynthia /

    Oh this is tough. Each artist is so different and unique. I love the work by Noah. Then I love Evilos’s style. Another favorite is the Nerds Rock series by Doug Strayer. Sorry I can’t just pick one.

  63. George /

    doug strayer

  64. Thomas Scott is my favorite, Love his sense of Humor and the fact that he created juniors!

  65. Thomas Scott because the dude drove all the way down from Disneyland after a signing to come say hello to me at Designer Con in Pasadena, the dude is money! Also would like to mention Gerald Mendez and Erique Pita who have supported my customs before you knew who they were : )


  67. Thomas Scott

  68. pimpdaddy /

    mike sullivan

  69. Randy Noble

  70. divina /

    mi favorito es Noah, le siguen Maria Clapis y Tomas Schott. Pero todos son geniales.