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Tyra Banks Returns as Eve in the Freeform Original Film ‘Life-Size 2,’ Premiering Sunday, Dec. 2!


Freeform’s annual “25 Days of Christmas” programming event will be a lot brighter as Tyra Banks reprises her iconic role of Eve in the highly anticipated sequel “Life-Size 2,” SUNDAY, DEC. 2 at 9:00–11:00 p.m. EST. Television’s biggest event of the year, “25 Days of Christmas,” airing DEC. 1 – 25, brings viewers a season full of festive specials, classic holiday movies and returning favorites.

Grace Manning (Francia Raisa) is the 20-something CEO of Marathon Toys, a huge toy company started by her mother that is most famous for manufacturing the iconic Eve doll. Grace is also in the middle of her quarter-life crisis, realizing she is in over her head as CEO. To make matters worse, her wild-child ways are causing the company’s stock to plummet. With the help of her young next-door neighbor, Grace’s old Eve doll (Tyra Banks) magically awakens to help get Grace back on track and give her the confidence to be the woman and leader Eve knows Grace can be.

“Life-Size 2” is executive produced by Tyra Banks and Stephanie Allain. The film is written by Cameron Fay and Stacey Harman, and directed by Steven K. Tsuchida. “Life-Size 2” stars Tyra Banks, Francia Raisa, Gavin Stenhouse, Shanica Knowles, Hank Chen and Alison Fernandez.


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