Two Kingdom of Cute Vinylmation Series Variants Surface!

As with any new Vinylmation series, there is a possibility of a variant or two and even sometimes three or more.  So far two different variants have surfaced.  The first variant is a Tea Cup variant.  The orange Tea Cup is the more common Vinylmation, but @myfavoritelittlepieces posted a photo of a green Tea Cup.  Will there be more color variants?  Hopefully we’ll know soon.

Photo credit: @myfavoritelittlepieces

Also surfacing today was a Dole Whip Variant.  While the regular Vinylmation features the world-famous Pineapple treat.  The variant feature the yummy Pineapple Swirl.  Of course the Vinylmation is overloaded with cuteness like the rest of the series.  Below is a look at the Dole Whip Variant that was posted by @diningindisney this afternoon.

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