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Trade Street USA 7 Released (New Design, New Features, and more!)


We are incredibly pleased to announce the release of the entirely new Trade Street USA 7! With TS7, we rewrote the entire site from the ground up. With it’s simpler layout, all new touch-friendly design and new features, Trade Street USA 7 is the biggest release since inception in 2012. Here are some of the exciting new changes we’ve made. Check out TradeStreetUSA.com to see the new design and to start trading right away!

All New Design (Codename: Gaston)
With Trade Street USA 7, we set out to completely redesign the entire user interface to make using the site much easier. We also wanted to make sure that the entire site was customizable. Not only can you change the entire color scheme of the site, but the website also adapts to the colors and patterns you’ve chosen for the ideal look. No matter what combination you choose, Trade Street USA 7 always looks exactly how you’d like it. Furthermore, we have heard your feedback and are excited to share that Trade Street USA 7 is entirely touch-friendly, meaning the site will adapt for the best possible experience no matter which device your using it on, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. The buttons are big and the links are larger than ever before, making touching with your finger a breeze.
To edit the color scheme for your Trade Street USA experience, click EDIT STYLE in the upper right hand corner!

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Topic Previews
Browsing Trade Street USA has never been easier with our all new Topic Previews feature. With Topic Previews, you can see the first few posts of a topic just by clicking the icon to the left of how many views the topic has. You no longer have to view each topic just to see what its about, you can simply preview and move on!
Welcome Messages and FAQ
Upon joining Trade Street USA, you are now greeted with a welcome PM, post and email with links to Trade Street USA tutorials. Now, you’ll know how easy it is to use all of Trade Street USA’s great features right away!