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Issue #1

What is your favorite Park series and why?


My favorite series of all time, let alone my favorite Park series, has got to be Park 7. First and foremost, the series is based off my home resort: Walt Disney World. Not only that, but this was a set that was extremely popular and came and went in a matter of a few weeks. As for the designs, they are top notch. From the spooky Kali River Rapids to Figment, the designs are absolutely the overall best of any Park Series. But not much compares to, what I would argue, is one of the greatest chasers of all time: Cinderella Castle. The deep blue with amazing gold trim makes this one of my favorite chasers. More importantly though, this was the first “launch” we were a part of. Yes we arrived a day or two after they came out, but we felt involved in a launch for the first time (and we got that awesome Mickey topper!!!). That’s why park 7 is my favorite Park Series set to date!


My favorite park series is park 6. I chose park 6 because it is the set that got me hooked. I loved the magic kingdom epcot road sign. I had seen vinylmations in Disney World about a year before but was never tempted to buy one until I saw these. What made it even better was that there were variants! Even though I don’t own one of my holy grails, the “all other guest areas” variant, I do own the other two signs and to this day they are some of my favorite vinylmations. Park 6 has great designs that really remind me of childhood memories in the parks with my family and new memories that I have with my boyfriend and this is why I chose park 6 as my favorite park series.



My favorite park series has to be Park Series #3. From a design standpoint, I think it is one of the best abstract designs without being too abstract, if that makes sense. What I like most about the Park Series in general is the nostalgia behind the designs, and how fun it is to attach certain designs with memories or vacations. To me, it’s my way of remembering the Parks and reminiscing about them without actually being there. With Park Series #3, it’s abstract enough that it’s not an exact replica of an icon or part of the parks, but puts an artsy spin on them. It really showcased the individual artists’ take on each park icon.

In addition to the actual designs, Park 3 is the first series Nick and I began collecting. This holds significance because while we were both avid Disney lovers, and frequently visited Disneyland together, this was the first time we had a hobby to do together. Little did I know our first purchase of (3) Park #3 vinyls would start a transformation in our relationship. We now have over 600 vinyls in our collection and with any joint hobby, it has brought Nick and I closer and even further strengthened our relationship. In addition, we have made some of our closest friendships through our hobby of collecting vinyls, and that all stemmed from those (3) Park #3 vinyls we purchased a couple years ago. Oh, and not to mention we pulled the chaser in that batch, which instantly hooked us too!


My favorite park series has to be series #3. This was your first vinylmation series and also are first chaser. We had gone to the parks a few times and each time we saw these funny looking things called vinylmations. We always seemed to stop, look at them and laugh at who collect this crazy things. So one night at the end of the 2011 summer as we were getting ready to leave the park we bought 3 boxes. We got to the car and opened them to find we had one that was not displayed on the back of the box. I checked the box about 54 times and jennifer checked it about 38 times. We finally realized that we had found the “mystery” vinylmation. We sat in the car as we were parked in the disneyland parking structure laughing about the find. This was the start of the crazy addiction and had to have them all. Since that day me and Jennifer had collected over 550 vinylmations in 2 years and gained many friends. So why is vinylmation park series #3 my favorite? Not because of the awesome designs (maybe a little) but becuase of all the great friends I have gained from this series. I hope to collect more vinylmations but I really hope to gain more friends who enjoy collecting these crazy little things.



Of the 11 Park Series’ that have been released and the 12th one on the horizon, my favorite one would have to be Park 5. With designs inspired by The Haunted Mansion, Snow White, Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantasia it was a no brainer. However, the reason this series means so much is that without it, I may not of not collected vinyls at all. See I actually only wanted to get one vinyl from this series but who knew that buying Vinylmation, not knowing what you were getting, would be so much fun. And with that I was hooked just like most of you. Oh and in case you were wondering what vinyl I was in search of…it was Stitch. I actually never pulled him from a case, I actually was lucky enough to blindly pick him from a Mystery 24 trade box. Card and all.


My favorite park series has to be park 5. The wife and my favorite ride is haunted mansion and I love the clock from this release. It’s a must own for me someday, for sure one of my achieveable grails! Theres also a penguin, which is my other favorite from this series as penguins are my favorite animal. Other great vinyls within here are the scorcerer Mickey topper as well as stitch. Sad to say I do not have any of the park 5 vinyls yet, but would love to trade for some! So hit me up on the forum if you have one for trade 🙂


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