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Trade City, USA – Vinylmation Showcase – 8.29.10


Trade City, USA – Vinylmation™ Showcase
August 29, 2010
Epcot® – World ShowPlace


Here is a brief recap from the first ever Vinylmation™ Conversation that was hosted by Steven Miller, Project Manager for Disney Trading, on August 29, 2010. This conversation gave a first look and sneak preview of several new series coming in 2010-2011. At the end of the session, Steven was joined by Donald Ferro, Product Developer for Vinylmation™ and Thomas Scott, lead designer with Disney Design Group. The three of them answered several questions from the audience.


Here is a look at the upcoming Cast Chasers that will be introduced for the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort.

The two figures pictured above are the first Cast Chasers. We have to stress that these figures won’t be released until sometime in 2011 (in other words, they are not available for trade now). Once introduced, these figures will be distributed to Cast Members to use for trade in the open and mystery trade boxes. They are similar to the Hidden Mickey pins that Cast Members use for trading with guests. These figures will complement a series of open window box figures being created for the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World® Resort. Each one of those open window boxes will salute a different Disney Theme Park.


Everyone has a birthday and this series will make a unique birthday gift. This open window box series will feature figures inspired by the Zodiac. The figures were designed by Maria Clapsis and Lisa Badeen. They did extensive research on not only the traditional figures associated with the Zodiac but also the colors and stars associated with each sign.


Let’s face it – nerds do indeed rock! We love these two figures from the upcoming series. It is based on a new art program that was recently introduced. There are tee-shirts, Disney pins and more are based on the art style.

When released, the Nerds Rock series will be open window box (which means you can select your favorite nerd). The Chip and Dale figures will have removable glasses. Any guesses as to who the other characters will be in this series? Just look at the Nerds Rock! items next time you are at Disney Parks and Resorts.

Like Vinylmation™ – Celebrations, this series will be an open window box featuring a variety of professions or occupations. Each box will contain one, 3-inch figure and one of three randomly selected Vinylmation, Jr. figure.

Here is an image of the Firefighter figure with the three junior figures.

And here is the Teacher figure with its three juniors (which get an A+ in our book).

You may notice there are two other professions shown in the artwork – a figure with a suit and tie and a computer screen. We are hoping the latter is for internet bloggers like us.


Vinylmation™ Celebrations will be an open window box series featuring a variety of things to celebrate. While you will be able to pick your favorite 3″ figures featuring a particular thing to celebrate, each box will contain one of three randomly selectedVinylmation, Jr. mystery figures. This concept is similar to the Vinylmation™ Sports series and Vinylmation™ – Oh Mickey! series released in April 2010.

Here is an image of the Graduate figure with the three junior figures.

And here is the Thank You figure with its three juniors.

Keen eyes will notice the logo above contains a few additional figures – Happy Birthday, Blue Ribbon – The Best, and the Mickey Mouse face one. Any guesses on the last one?