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Review of the Deadpool Edition of the Marvel Collector Corps Box (Spoilers)


The 6th Marvel Collector Corps box has been shipped and should on your door step very soon. This marks the one year anniversary of the box by Funko. Of course if you’ve been following along since day #1, it’s been a wild ride and as many collectors get ready to see what’s in this month’s box, they wonder if these boxes can keep topping the next one.


If you are a Pop! lover, then this month’s box might be a little disappointing, however if you’re a lover of all things Funko then the exclusive collectibles will one of the best boxes to date. Today, we are reviewing the great new box, Deadpool, that many collectors will be receiving over the next few days or in many cases have already received.  So, if you don’t like spoilers, then you might want to hit the back button now.  Without further delay, lets take a look at the new Marvel Collector Corps: Deadpool Collectors Corp box.

The Opening!!12767758_10207470162845684_1434539652_n

The box features a Deadpool graphic on the top of the box.   This is where the excitement of the possibilities of what’s in the box begins.


Just like the previous 5 Collector Corps boxes, immediately upon opening we get a glimpse of our first exclusives, the patch and pin. These amazing pins and pathes have set the tone for every box so far.  With with month’s box featuring Deadpool it is no wonder why both he Pin and Patch feature the Marvel Superhero.

Item #1: Marvel Collector Corps Pin featuring the Deadpool



Item #2: Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool Patch


Once you flip open the inner top, you get a glimpse of the other items.

Item #3: Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool t-shirt. 


Item #4: Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool Variant Comic


Item #5: Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool Mopeez


Item #6: Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool Dobz


Item #7: Marvel Collector Corps Deadpool Pop! Vinyl


Overall, this month’s box was great, especially if you love Deadpool.  The box marks the return of the t-shirt and of course it didn’t disappoint.  Plus, this box featured a variety of Funko Collectibles including the first Mopeez to be included in the box.   Now that we are done year #1, we turn our sights to year #2 and the return of the Avengers as the April Collectors Corps is entitled Civil War as in Captain America: Civil War.  If you are not a subscriber, then you’ll want to join very soon at collectorcorps.com.