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Review of the 13 Reflections of Evil Vinylmation Showcase Event (Pt. #1) – The Venue/Theming

Last weekend was the year’s biggest Disney Pin and Vinylmation showcase, the Reflections of Evil trading event. News from the event, much like previous years, focuses on the big announcements and limited edition items offered. However, the event itself was a spectacle deserving it’s own detailed look and review. These impressions are focused on the last day, Sunday, as it was the official Vinylmation day.

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The Venue
Reflections of Evil was once again located in the World ShowPlace pavilion, the giant half-tent structure that sits between the United Kingdom and Canada pavilions of World Showcase. The building looks temporary, but inside is a fully functioning facility with adequate bathrooms and air conditioning. Unfortunately, said air conditioning does not hold up well to a large mass of constantly moving collectors. By the end of the event, most everyone was tired and a little overheated, though Disney graciously provided free water at several points around the venue.
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There seemed to be adequate room for the crowds, though the Vinylmation showcase was the least busy day of the event. The trading area provided sufficient tables for displaying collections, and there was enough extra room for easy expansion of trading game and store lines. While certain areas were busy, it was generally easy to find places away from the crowds.

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The Theming
Since this year’s event fell on Friday the 13th in the year 2013, the theme was Disney villains. The villains of Disney have always attracted their own group of fans, often adults that find them more interesting than the sometimes simplistic and overly idealistic heroes. Disney villains have some of the best designs, funniest lines, and showstopping songs, and Reflections of Evil did an amazing job paying tribute to these classic characters.
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From the moment guests entered the pavilion, everything was devoted to villainy. Fog covered the floor and rolled out of the sliding doors, leading guests to the registration and product preview area. A giant, menacing archway marked the entrance to the main show floor. To the right, Chernabog loomed over a village perpetually in flames. Nearby, the Evil Queen’s throne sat empty. Scar lounged behind the shop’s registers, and each trading activity was themed to a different villain.

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The Masters of Scaremonies
Special mention must be made of the event emcees. Fitting the theme, each played a different character created specifically for the event with names like “Hoodoo Harry” and “Madam Doomsday.” They did an amazing job adding color to the announcements and events during the day, even walking among guests when not on stage. Even when talking together away from the crowds, the emcees never broke character. Interacting with this menagerie of colorful characters was a special treat, and made trading lines much more bearable.
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Be sure to look for part #2 of the 13 Reflections of Evil Review later this afternoon. Also, bleow is a look at more photos from the event.

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