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Photos of Two Unreleased ShellieMay Vinylmations Surface

There were a few unreleased Vinylmations that surfaced over the weekend at the 13 Reflections of Evil Events.  From the Blue Print Mickey to the Denver Nuggets Vinylmation, there were some real gems in the trade boxes besides the normal chasers and variants.  Apparently there were two ShellieMay Vinylmations that were pulled on Friday at the event. ShellieMay and Duffy are very popular in Japan and these could have been either cancelled Vinylmations or a couple of future releases.  Being that Duffy Series #1 is coming out in 2014, these were more than likely cancelled pieces.
The photos were posted earlier today by Vinylmation Exchange.  How many more unreleased Vinylmations are out there?  If you think you may have gotten an unreleased Vinylmation, please email us at vinylmations@vinylmationworld.com.