Park 9 Tomorrowland Set and Boardwalk 9 Inch Vinylmation set to be released 8/17

In what will become the weekend before the long awaited Star Wars series 2 release, Disney will be releasing the final Park 9 9″ with it’s 3″ counterpart and the new Tomorrowland set.

The Boardwalk Pool Clown Slide 9″ and Boy Swimmer 3″ will be released at both D-Street locations in CA and FL and will be LE 1000 and retail for $74.95 each.

The second release of the day will be the Park series 9 Tomorrowland Man and Woman 3″ set.  The set will be LE 1750 and retail for $26.95 each and will be released at both D-Street locations and Online at  The set is based on the the Spacesuit Man and Woman that appeared at Disneyland in it’s early days.  It looks to be a nice compliment to very popular series 9 Vinylmations.