Home News Official Avengers Vinylmation Series Release Information posted by Disney

Official Avengers Vinylmation Series Release Information posted by Disney


Today, Disney posted official release  information for the upcoming Avengers Vinylmation Series.  The series will be release Friday, May 1 at the new Super Hero Headquarters at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World.  The series wil also be released on May 8 at both D-Street locations in CA and FL.  Also, the series is also scheduled to be released online and released in Disney Stores on May 1.  


Item #: 400009181159

Retail: $12.95

Open Edition

The series includes Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, a Mystery Chaser and 3 Variants. 


  1. I thought Disney World in Florida was not allowed to sell Marvel merch cause of Universal Studios. I know disney can sell it online and in other disney stores across america. Is this something new with the agreement? It does not seem like Universal is doing much with its superhero island at Island of Adventure.
    I had my mom when they went to Florida to get me the captain america mug and she said they had no marvel stuff at downtown disney.
    Is then yore opening in Florida or California


  2. From what a CM explained to me was this: Disney can sell Marvel stuff online, at stores, etc… Just not IN the Parks. Just like the pins, they can sell them at Pin Traders at D Street but not anywhere in MK, HS, EPCOT or AK.
    Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Hi
    Do you know if this series will be on sale on the disneystore french website?
    thank you for your answers

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