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NRB Relic to release the Lunar Dream 9 inch Custom Vinylmation at the D23 Expo


The D23 2013 Expo, happening August 9-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, is an exciting time to get all sorts of Disney exclusive items- especially new custom vinylmations! Some of these new D23 Exclusive pieces will be available at the NRB Relic/Evilos Booth #221.

One of the D23 Exclusive Customs by NRB Relic is titled “Lunar Dream.”


This custom vinylmation holds a great deal of historical importance, considering it is based off of the First Man on the Moon. For thousands of years, man looked to the heavens and dreamt of one day walking on the moon. In 1969, as part of the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong became the very first one to accomplish that dream, followed only minutes later by Buzz Aldrin. Their accomplishment placed the United States ahead of the Soviets in the Space Race and gave people around the world the hope of future space exploration.

“Lunar Dream” is one of many 3″ customs that will be available at this year’s D23 Expo at Booth #221.

Below is a map to the location of the Evilos/NRB Relic booth at D23.  For more information about NRB Relic’s customs at the D23 Expo, click here.  Also, to see Evilos’ custom Vinylmations that will be available at D23, click here.  Look for more updates from NRB Relic and Evilos in the coming weeks leading up to the D23 Expo.



Savannah G