New THE SWORD IN THE STONE Enamel Pins -By Mondo



    New THE SWORD IN THE STONE Enamel Pins by Oliver Barrett!

    JAN 10, 2020

    Whoso shall pulleth the backing off these pins and wear them on their jacket, bag, or robe is rightwise the wearer of a magical THE SWORD IN THE STONE pin designed by Oliver Barrett.

    We are beyond excited to kick off our 2020 enamel pin series with one of our favorite classic Disney films, THE SWORD IN THE STONE. The artistic wizard Oliver Barrett brilliantly captured Merlin’s conductor stance, his rabbit transformation, his battle with the Mad Madam Mim and of course, his trusty Sugar Bowl.

    From Oliver, “One of my fondest early memories is watching THE SWORD IN THE STONE on my grandmother’s gigantic tree-stump tube television on Thanksgiving morning. Something about the art style, as well as the contrast between the bright magical stuff and the muted & muddy backgrounds, just clicked for me that day. With these pins, I really wanted to capture that same vibe by focusing on the magic (get lost, Wart!) and coloring them so that they truly pop. I love this film.”

    The Sword and the Stone Pins

    Designed by Oliver Barrett
    Sugar Bowl (1″ H), Madam Mim vs. Merlin (1.65″ H), Merlin (1.65″ H), 
    Merlin the Rabbit (1.25″ H) 
    Soft Enamel pins on 2″ x 3″ backings 
    Expected to Ship in February 2020
    Ships to Addresses in the United States, Canada, & Puerto Rico
    $10 Each

    These four enamel pins are on sale now at at  As always, keep your eyes on our social media for any updates and on sale announcements.



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