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New Star Wars The Mandalorian – 1/4th scale The Mandalorian & The Child Collectible Set (Deluxe Version) by Hot Toys Coming Soon!


“You expect me to search the galaxy for the home of this creature and deliver it to a race of enemy sorcerers?”

It is time to witness the next chapter of the formidable Mandalorian and little sidekick the Child’s extraordinary journey in the dangerous galaxy with the launch of the new season of the highly acclaimed Star Wars series The Mandalorian!

Hot Toys is very excited to present a stunning Deluxe Version 1/4 scale collectible set of the Mandalorian and the Child!

Based on the appearance of the Mandalorian from the new season, the highly-accurate quarter scale figure stands approximately 46cm tall, featuring meticulously crafted beskar armor pieces and helmet, skillfully tailored outfit, an attachable jetpack, his signature blaster rifle, pistol and blade, flamethrower effect, a satchel bag, and a range of accessories.

The quarter scale collectible figure of the Child standing at 9cm tall features two interchangeable head sculpts with amazing likeness and 3 pairs of interchangeable ears, a specially tailored robe, a necklace, the little foundling’s favorite silver knob, and a hover pram!

This Deluxe Version will exclusively include a beautifully crafted Mandalorian themed diorama display base with LED light up function, featuring elements of E-Web heavy repeating blaster, IG-11™, a Mandalorian’s helmet, and mythosaur™ skull signet.

This Deluxe Version 1/4 scale collectible set of this clan of two is the perfect addition to your treasured collection!“

This is the way.”


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