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New STAR WARS Han Solo Signature Line Ensemble now available for pre-order!


ANOVOS is proud to offer the Star Wars Han Solo™ Signature Line Ensemble. These three costume components (vest, shirt, and pant) are based on screen stills and never-released marketing shots from Star Wars: A New Hope provided by Lucasfilm.

As part of the ANOVOS Signature Line, this costume will be assembled and primarily manufactured in the USA, with direct supervision of ANOVOS project managers. This ensures the best execution in getting you a costume that is the ANOVOS vision for quality, assembly and accuracy. Only the highest quality materials are used during production, and a limited number of units will be produced for this 2018 offering, making this exclusive to only the most discerning of costumers. Additionally, an ANOVOS garment bag is included for the long term protection of your Signature Line Ensemble.


With fewer restrictions on quantity, Signature Line pieces make use of difficult-to-find materials with a weight and consistency that better matches screen-used fabrics. In some cases, the identical fabrics from the original source are used to create your costume. Original patterns from production are also utilized whenever possible so every seam and stitch remains true to the character and costume. This attention to detail is reinforced by direct manufacturing supervision from the ANOVOS prototyping and archiving team who know each product inside and out. The end result is a costume replica that’s so close to the original look, weight, and feel that it could have come directly from the set into your hands.


Domestic production allows us to usher Signature Line items much more quickly through the production process. Ultimately, this means a significantly shorter wait from the time you place your order until the time your new costume arrives. We also offer an advance ordering window to any customer who has previously purchased a Signature Line item. Buy once and you have early access for all future releases.


Higher quality, limited materials, and closer supervision during development lead to a superior product, but also put confines on quantities we can make available. Once all pre-order slots are filled and a particular item is shipped, future waves may not be offered until the following year, or—in some cases—never again. This limited nature is characteristic of the exclusivity of the ANOVOS Signature Line that will appeal to those select few who desire the highest level of costume replicas.

Pre-order now to be included in Wave 2 for Fall 2018 delivery!


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