New Mickey’s Circus Silent Auction Catalogue Reveals Unreleased Vinylmations

As with previous Trading events, there will be a silent auction included in this year’s Mickey’s Circus event. There are 24 lots up of grabs and some of the more interesting ones are of the unreleased Vinylmations.  While the rest of the lots are great, the unreleased ones are most likely one-of-a-kinds or close to it.  So here is a preview the auction lots that includes either unreleased Vinyls or concept art of unreleased Vinyls.

Lot #5 –  Never Released Monorail Series #1
This lot includes 13 unreleased Monorail Vinylmations.  We had actually seen the concept art a long time ago and was actually hoping for their release, but it now looks like the Vinylmation team may be taking a new direction.  The lot includes the tray and all 13 of the Vinylmations.
Lot #8 – Black Hole Maximilian Unreleased 9″ Vinylmation
This one was designed for last years Pin Event at Disneyland called Sci-Fi Academy.  The Maximillian Vinylmation was designed by Monty Maldovan and based on the 1979 film, The Black Hole.
Lot #9 – Work in Progress – Unreleased 18″ Vinylmation
This may be every custom Artist’s dream, but so far the 18″ mold has not been released.  A very interesting piece.  We are just wondering what a regular release 18″ would retail for?
Lot #11 – Urban Series 9 Hand Painted Unreleased Vinylmations
This lot includes 4 Vinylmations that were apparently designed for Urban series 9, but never released.  The Lot includes 3 9″ and one 3″ that was supposed to be in a combo set.  The bad part is that these actually look good and might have been good sellers.
Lot #12 – Urban Series 9 Unreleased 9″ Vinylmations
What a lot of people may not know is that the Blueprint Vinyls was actually made into a display and is on display at Mousegears at Epcot.  Again, great concepts and great possibilities, but these are unreleased and possibly never will be.
Lot #20 – Star Wars Series #1 Display board
Like many other display boards and concept posters it includes concept art from Star Wars Series 1.  However, this poster has concept art form two unreleased Vinylmatons, Wampa and Rex from Star Tours.
We will be previewing the rest of the lots in the next few days, but until then you can download the entire Silent Auction Catalog by clicking here.