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New Disney Shorts Vinyl Figures Make Their Debut in Mexico


Recently while researching some information on a new project, we discovered a new Disney collectible called Disney Shorts. After some investigation, we discovered Disney Shorts was a dream of Francisco Herrera and his company. They worked on the Disney Shorts design for over two years and they were finally released in December.


Disney Shorts Series #1 features six different Mickey Mouse figures with various designs on them of Mickey through the years. From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Steamboat Willie, these as well as four other Vinyl figures are in each case. There are only 1000 cases made and therefore there are only 1000 of each of these figures.

The only bad news about these collectibles are the fact that they are only available in Mexico at the moment. But as with all Disney collectibles, that may change in the near future.

The new Disney Shorts look to have a very bright future. Judging from their booth at a recent convention, it looks like more series are on the way that includes Kermit, Jack Skellington and Woody. Could we be seeing the beginning of a great new Disney collectible? From a few conversations with Franciso at Disney Shorts it seems like the support and excitement is there. Francisco’s dream has come to reality in the form of a Disney collectible. Look for more Disney Shorts figures in the near future. In the mean time, we hope you’ll take a second to follow them on Twitter as well as “Like” their Facebook page.



  1. A friend got me the link to their site in mexico and after some translations – was able to order a Steamboat Willie one – cost $24ish – however down side – shipping was $24ish also – so the one figure was a little over $48! Really cute though!

  2. Send us some pictures when you get it. We’d love to see some more detailed pictures of the vinyls.

  3. When Monsters University opened on theaters, they sold at the cinema two blank figures, a green and a blue one (Mike and Sulley) with stickers and a sharpener to customize. They were about 5 or 6 dlls. I didn’t know this were only available in México.

  4. Francisco Herrera had a booth at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA last weekend (Aug. 9, 10 & 11) – and had some of these there for sale – I managed to buy a boxed set of 6 of the Mickey Series for $90 U.S. and even had Herrera sign them all and I got a picture with him! I’m one proud owner!

  5. We’re glad you like them. We talked to Francisco and we’ll have a report this week about some upcoming series.

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