MondoCon Leftovers dropping today 9/24/2019.


    As previously posted Mondotees had their annual MondoCon on Sept14 and 15th. They are dropping part 1 of what didn’t sale out at MondoCon. A few warnings as there are some things you need to know.

    1. The amount of these items is unknown as they are left overs from there original number at MondoCon. (So something that originally had 500 could be 50 or less)
    2. They will sale out and fast. (If you want any of these I suggest you do multiple things follow Mondo on there social platforms, they will announce when they go on sale.)
    3. There are a lot of people who go for Mondo sales be on there and be signed in and have all your card info already ready.
    4. The time when they drop is random a good rule of thumb is to start checking at 10am central and check often.

    Sounds like I am over stating it but trust me , Mondo sales can be especially tricky to score. Unfortunately more often then not your gonna get out shopped.

    With all that said they are dropping a few Marvel things, and they are totally awesome. Down below is are all the pictures and details of each of them. You can click here to head to Mondo.

    MARVEL Enamel Pins
    Designed by Matt Taylor
    Spider-Noir (1.41″ H), Peni Parker (1.3″ H), Miles Morales (0.95″ H), Goose (1.33″ W)
    Hard enamel pins
    Expected to Ship in October 2019
    Ships to US and Select Countries Internationally

    $10 Each

    Silver Age of Marvel Comics by Johnny Dombrowski
    24″x36″ Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 300
    Printed by DL Screenprinting
    Expected to Ship in October 2019
    Ships to US and Select Countries Internationally



    Marvel Tales Black Panther #1 (MondoCon Cover Variant) by Johnny Dombrowski
    Published by Marvel Comics
    Written by Roy Thomas, Don McGregor, Nnedi Okorafor
    Interior artwork by Frank Giacoia, Rich Buckler, Andre Araujo, Sal Buscema,
    Klaus Janson
    Expected to Ship in October 2019
    Ships Worldwide



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