Mondo releases new Nightmare Before Christmas pins.


    Mondoshop has released a new Nightmare before Christmas Collection and you can find all the details below.

    Last October, we released a spine-chilling set of enamel pins for NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS designed by Graham Erwin. We’re delighted to present the second set in this series, honoring the six-month mark til Halloween (though we wish we could celebrate every day, really). Four brand new enamel pins (and a special freebie with the purchase of a complete set) lovingly illustrated by Erwin, who was born to celebrate this iconic film. 

    In this release, we’re taking on the troublemakers – a glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie + spider (2-pin set), and his Vampire Bat.

    Plus, pins depicting the troublesome trio Lock, Shock, & Barrel, and a taunting Harlequin Demon.

    If you snag them all, you’ll receive a free Vampire pin – one of the four blood-thirsty brothers residing in Halloween Town.

    Designed by Graham Erwin. Soft enamel on black metal, all on 2″x3″ backings. Sizing: Vampire Bat – 1.5″ W, Oogie Boogie – 1.46″ H / 0.5″ H, Lock, Shock, and Barrel – 1.75″ H, Harlequin Demon – 1.85″ H, Vampire (available free with set)  – 1.85″ H. Expected to ship to the United States and Canada only in June 2020. 
    $45 set, available individually – $13 for Oogie Boogie 2-pin set, all others $10 each.Graham Erwin presented pages upon pages of amazing ideas, none of which we could pass up on – so stay tuned to watch this collection expand as we pay homage to the rich universe Tim Burton built. Until then, get your spooky celebrations started with this installment in our NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS enamel pin series – click here to order yours.



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