Mickey Mouse was the Star of SDCC Disney POP! Exclusives!

Comic Con may be over but the frenzy has just begun. With the dust beginning to settle, we can now see all of the exclusives and boy did Mickey make quite a showing!  Of course if you are a Mickey collector, these are must haves.

As we previewed before, Mickey was featured in the Fantasia 2-pack. He is in his Sorcerer’s suit and dressed up in metallic paint. This pack was limited to 480 pieces and has become a highly sought after piece that sold out fairly quickly on Gemini Collectibles. Of course we have seen these for trade from various collectors as well as eBay, but they are $60+ right now.

We also saw a glimpse of the 9-inch Blue Mickey in one of the Funko display pictures from the show. We now have a better picture of the full figure. Some have speculated that the blue is in honor of the Disney Stores 25th Anniversary celebration. No matter the reasoning, he looks amazing! This figure also sold out quickly and is limited to 480 pieces.

Now onto the real excitement!! There were two variations of the 9-inch Mickey Mouse figures featured at Funko Fun Days!! One is red and blue and the other is done in black and silver. These pieces were limited to just 18 pieces each!!

Mickey also made an appearance in the BLOX exclusives. He is done in blue again and you just can’t help but fall in love with that crooked smile!! You can still find him on Gemini for $24.99.

All of these figures are wonderful renditions of our favorite mouse! I think Funko did an amazing job of paying homage to the mouse that started it all!!

Doug Williams

Fan of toys and the world of Disney. Writer and Toy Photographer. On instagram as @allthosewonderfultoys