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Chasing Vinylmation Web App

Chasing Vinylmation, http://chasingvinylmation.com, is an easy to use web application that allows you to browse the world of Vinylmation and/or manage various types of collections simply with your Facebook login. The app has a wide variety of features which include; collection management, personal dashboard, instant search, mobile friendly, cost analysis, trading, feedback, and more. Their is also a Facebook App Page, @ http://www.facebook.com/chasingvinylmation, which is used to notify users when updates have been made or to explain the various features of the app.


With over 1.6K vinyls, and counting, in the database, it’s the most comprehensive Vinylmation site available – generally organized by series with each series and figure having their own page.
(screenshot : cv-series.jpg + cv-figure.jpg)

Collection Management

The heart and soul of the app. User’s can manage own, want or trade lists as well as manage multiples of a single vinyl. Once a collection has been created, anyone may view without the need to be logged in.
(screenshot : cv-collection.jpg)

Instant Search

Searching made simple, with instant results as you type; search by series, figure or artist. In addition, recently added vinyls are highlighted to make them very accessible.
(screenshot : cv-search.jpg)

Mobile Friendly

Not near a desktop or laptop, no problem. The app is responsive to the device that are using it making any smart phone or tablet experience just as clean.
(screenshot: cv-ipad.jpg & cv-iphone.jpg)

Cost Analysis

Shows completed auctions from eBay broken up by sold and unsold from the past few weeks.
(screenshot : cv-ebay.jpg)


Each user gets a personalized homepage (“dashboard”) that gives them quick access to their collections, user’s they are following, recently added vinyls and pulls in the latest posts from the Facebook App wall.
(screenshot : cv-dashboard.jpg)