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Happy Mother’s Day from Trade Street USA!


** Happy Mother’s Day! **

One of the greatest parts about running a site in a community like this, is that I am surrounded by some truly remarkable people and best of all, their families. Mother’s and father’s collecting with their kids and in some (or most!) cases, the mother’s and father’s even providing the monetary ($$$) support!

So today, instead of posting about the latest Top Threads on Trade Street USA, I wanted to take this moment to give a HUGE shootout to all the moms out there in the Disney and Vinylmation/Pin community, including my own. And we are going to keep with the spirit of Mother’s Day by dedicating this entire post to mom’s everywhere!

While my mom’s collection of Vinylmations is only at a whopping handful, she is in love with nearly all of mine. But most importantly, she loves them because they make me happy. I buy my mom the ones that she loves most, but to go to the local Disney Store with some traders and trade for ones that she thinks are “pretty” helps to bring me closer to her. It gives us something fun to do together! There aren’t very many collecting hobbies out there that can say they bring Mother’s and Son’s closer, but Disney and Vinylmation do. And the best part is, I am not alone! I know many collectors who have the most fun when they trade and buy with their mom!

So if you are a mom, I think I speak on behalf of our whole community when I say thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

Also, if you have a Disney story that involves you and your mom, please share it with us here!

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