First Look at the new Kingdom of Cute Vinylmation Series Mystery Chaser!

The new Kingdom of Cute Vinylmation Series was released today and have quickly sold out.  Despite the cost, collectors seem to be in love with the new series.  One thing that all Vinylmation collectors await are photos of the mystery chaser.  The series’ Mystery chaser is none other than the Jungle Cruise Boat.  Just like the rest of the series, the new Vinylmation is overloaded with cuteness.  Be sure to stay tuned to in case the new series resurfaces online and be sure to visit both Wondergound galleries at WDW and Disneyland possibly find the great new Vinylmation series.  Below is a look at Mystery Chaser that was posted earlier this afternoon on Instagram by @diningindisney.

Photo credit: @diningindisney

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