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Custom Vinylmation Spotlight: Stayin’ Cool Mickey by Mike Vetrone


Summer is filled with warm, long days so Mickey and his pals are trying to stay out of the heat. You can catch Mickey and the gang in the new summer short, “Stayin’ Cool”.

Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck are trying to stay cool by any means necessary, even if that means locking themselves in an ice cream truck and putting ice cream all over themselves! Custom vinylmation artist, Mike Vetrone, wanted to highlight that exact moment of the short where Mickey puts ice cream all over his body as an attempt to stay cool.

For his custom vinylmation, you see Mickey Mouse with an ice cream cone on his head that is dripping with mint ice cream while the ice cream cone on his stomach has strawberry flavored ice cream. The pastel, light colors add a nice contrast to the bright colors in Mickey’s clothes. You can tell that Mickey Mouse is enjoying this cool relief by the look on his face. As for his outfit, he is wearing the classic attire with bright yellow shoes with his bright red shorts with the yellow buttons.

From the added accessories of two ice cream cones to the comical expression on Mickey Mouse’s face this vinylmation is definitely one for the summer.




Stayin’ Cool on Disney Video

To check out more of Mike Vetrone’s work, visit him on Facebook (Facebook.com/customsbymikevetrone), Flickr (Flickr.com/photos/washyourrhands/) or Instagram (@washyourrhands). You can email him for inquiries about commissioned pieces at michael.vetrone@gmail.com.


Savannah G