Artist Katie Kelly to Release Two Custom Vinylmations and Appear with Noah at Disneyland

Artist Katie Kelly will be appearing with Noah at the Disneyana Shop at Disneyland tomorrow from 9am – noon.  Both artists will be releasing and signing their latest Disney Artwork during the appearance.  While Noah will be signing his two new art pieces, Katie Kelly will be releasing two new Custom Vinylmations as well as two new art pieces based on Alice In Wonderland and Snow White.  While the artwork by both are amazing, the Vinylmations are extraordinary.  One of the Vinylmations features Alice In Wonderland while the other one features Snow White.  There are even some hidden images in her artwork.  Hidden Images?  That’s right take a look art here artwork and try and find the hidden images, especially Snow White in the middle of her piece called “To Find Me”

Below is the post from that gives us a few details about tomorrow’s event.


Artist Showcase – Noah with a special appearance by Katie Kelly
Saturday, August 11, 2012
9am – 12 Noon
Disneyana Shop, Main Street, U.S.A., Disneyland® park

Meet Artist Noah at the Disneyana Shop on Aug. 11 as he takes part in a special Artist Showcase from 9am – 12 Noon.  Noah will debut two of his newest pieces Princess inspired pieces including ”Evening Waltz” inspired by Beauty and the Beast and “Ariel and Flounder” and share stories and inspirations behind these new pieces. The Evening Waltz and Ariel and Flounder art will be released as Limited Edition Prints on Canvas.  Prices, sizes and formats will vary.   In addition, be on the lookout for additional Halo works by Noah that have never been seen.

“Evening Waltz” by Noah

“Ariel and Flounder” by Noah

As part of the Artist Showcase with Noah, special guest Katie Kelly will be on hand to sign pieces from her recent collection.

“Lost in Wonderland” by Katie Kelly

“To Find Me” by Katie Kelly

Make sure to look close into Katies pieces to find all the hidden images. Notice Snow whites face in the middle of “to find me”. The butterfly is her bow. The dwarfs and evil queen are hidden in the trees. Look at “Lost in Wonderland” to see the hidden characters and tea pots etc. in the trees.

To see more of Katie’s amazing work CLICK HERE

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Limit TWO (2) items signed per Guest. We ask that you bring no personal items to be signed. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, artwork, release dates, and retail prices. Merchandise for signing must be purchased on the event day at the event location. Valid Disneyland® Resort receipt may be required. Paid admission is required to enter Disney theme parks.