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5 Questions with Disney Custom Vinylmation Artist Javier Soto


We have to admit we love the Vinylmation release parties that feature Custom Vinylmations. One of the artists that always seems to pop up is Javier Soto.

Based on his bio Javier “has worked on countless movie sets including Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-man, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings as a prototype Illustrator, Paint Prototyper and Sculptor and has work closely with many of the actors and filmmakers, assisting with digital film scans.”

While we are real sure his set work and digital artwork is awesome, we also have to say that his custom Vinylmations are just as great.

This Saturday, Disney is releasing another one of his customs. This time it’s based on the Haunted Mansion and will be for sale at D-Street at Disneyland during the Haunted Mansion Vinylmation release party. Luckily we got a chance to ask him about his newest creation and here is what he had to say.

VM World: How long did it take you to create the Custom?
Javier: It took about two days of work on him mostly sculpting on the Vinyl.

VM World: What was the hardest thing about creating it?
Javier: The hardest thing was to make it in time for the event

VM World:The face is very detailed, did you sculpt it while on the Vinyl or did you do it separately?
Javier: The sculpt was done on the face of the Vinyl

VM World: How did you get started in the customizing of Vinylmations?
Javier:What did get me into doing Customs for Vinylmation is because my AWESOME BRO Christopher Avalos He the one guy that should get MADD PROPS for getting me into Vinylmation.

VM World: So what’s next for Javier Soto? Or is that top secret?
Javier:  I just got done with doing a custom for Epcot and that is much as I can share

We know it was a quick interview, but the last answer is very intriguing especially with Epcot’s 30th Anniversary coming up at the end of the month. Look for Javier’s work this Saturday at D-Street in CA.

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