4/12/12 Gerald Mendez “Cosmic Sorcerer Mickey” 9″ Custom Vinylmation for Blind Bags Series Two

Yesterday we got a sneak peak of Gerald Mendez’s contribution to Evilos Blind Bags Series 2. The shot we posted was a side glance, a teaser. Today we were fortunate enough to see the entire thing, and look at how amazing it is!

This is Gerald’s “Cosmic Sorcerer Mickey!” Complete with Mickey, and Sorcery, and Magic, and Stars, and other cool mystical stuff…oh and yes airbrushing that makes everyone who has ever tried to airbrush go “OMG that’s amazing airbrushing!” Gerald proves in this piece why he is one of the premiere talents in the game. This piece is Geralds contribution to Evilos Blind Bags Series 2 and represents one of the prizes for a member who receives a “golden vinyl.” Collectors who receive “Golden Vinyls” in their box will get to claim additional prizes, one of those prizes happens to be Geralds Cosmic Sorcerer Mickey. Like the rest of you we are crossing our fingers that we somehow get a Golden Vinyl!

You can check out more of Geralds work at his website here and he has just joined Twitter, follow him @geraldsart


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  1. Wow!!
    Thanks to all of you guys for the kind words and the big support, it was a pleasure to work in this piece for the Vinylmation fans, thanks to Christoper Avalos who works so hard to make this happen.
    Good Luck to all.
    Gerald Mendez.

  2. Ashley /

    Wow that’s absolutely beautiful.