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3/27/12 – Evilos Blind Bags 2, Who’s got the Golden Ticket, I mean Vinylmation?


Ever since the early buzz about Evilos Blind Bags Series 2 we have been very intrigued by the project, and we have not been disappointed as more and more information has begun releasing. There has been tremendous interest from the Vinylmation collector community, and Evilos has been keeping his most ardent fans up to speed on his Facebook page created just for this series.

The basic premise is that Evilos hand packages a group of Vinyls for the collectors who participate in the series. Inclued in each box is 1 Custom created by either him or another hand selected custom artist, plus 4 Vinyls from series dating back to 2008 through to current day. If you saw any of the boxes that were included in Series 1 you know that we aren’t talking about regular commons, there were premiere Vinyls that are must haves for all collectors old and new. Early Park, Early Urbans, etc. So getting into the series means that you get a box full of awesomeness, carefully packaged, all with the intent of delighting the collector.

Just this week we were most intrigued by the following image that says only “Find Golden Vinylmations, Win Golden Prizes.”

The entire Blind Bags concept has a total Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibe to it with Evilos playing the role of Willie Wonka, and this only cemented that fact. So we drilled in a bit on the terms and conditions that were posted just today and this is what we found. “Random Boxes in Blind Bags Series 2 will have inserted ultra-rare, ultra special 3″ Gold Custom “Prize” figures that will unlock very rare and hard to find prizes. If you receive a Gold Custom, you will be required to report back to Evilos to collect your prize”

So essentially not only will you receive a Blind Box filled with goodies but there is also the chance that lucky collectors might get a Golden vinyl, which in turn entitles them to receive even more prizes. We were able to email Evilos and ask a bit about the Golden vinyl concept and to get details of how it works. As he explains it, the Golden vinyl idea came about from conversations with his close circle of friends called the Vinylmaniacs. Essentially it is a way to add intrigue to the series and to get a deeper interaction with the collectors who get into the series. The collector who receives the Golden vinyl does have to take action! They must post a picture of their Golden vinyl in the Facebook group, essentially “claiming” their prize. The topper is that inside every bag that contains a Golden vinyl will also be an image of the prize that Evilos will mail out to them next. As an example he told us he will have prizes like his signature 9 inch light up Tron figure.

The Blind Bags Series 2 goes on sale this Friday at 9am PST. The boxes will be sold on www.evilos.com , there will be a PayPal link that goes live for people to place orders. As of right now, Evilos is limiting the series to 100 boxes which seems to indicate that they will go fast. For those of you looking to get in, good luck and make sure you let us at Vinylmation World know which vinyls you get!



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