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10 reasons to buy Vinylmations! by @MandaBee1210


1. They’re super cute.
-Take one look at the S’more Vinyl from Cutesters Too, and tell me it’s not adorable and funny.  Cute happy fire roasting the poor marshmallow to his death.  Tee hee.

2.To show off you true Disney fandom by explaining the obscure reference painted on the vinyl.-I remember SMRT-1.  Do you?  Well, I would be happy to explain it to you…take pride in that you know that vinylmation is from Mosanto’s Journey to Inner Space.

3.  Interesting desk accessories-Desks are boring.  Vinylmation are awesome.  Enough said.

4.  Cheaper than pins-Ok, not strictly true, but pins come in such a wild amount of prices it’s so hard to keep track of.  Sure, the price of vinyls might fluctuate a few dollars here and there, you know what you’re getting for what price.  Plus, I’m sure it’s just us, but we feel like you get more for your money with vinyls.

5. Become a trading master
-Nothing beats taking a step back and look at the massive collection you have gathered due to your hard work.  Staying up all hours for Disneystore.com, getting up early for the condiment set, each collection has the sweat blood and tears of the collector in it.  Be proud, fellow vinylmites.

6.  Make new friends with a relationship based on trading.
-Trading is a wonderful thing, and there is nothing better then making new friends and meeting new people all through a shared hobby.

7.  To get others to buy vinyls so that if they get one you want, you can convince them how wonderful trading is!
-I’ve done this.  It’s fun!  Try it sometime.  Just not on us.  We already know about trading.

8. That moment when you open the packaging and find out it’s the one you’ve been waiting for.
-Oh, this is sweet.  I love this feeling, there’s nothing like it.  I remember opening one of my first Urban and finding the gold chaser.  Or, the Epcot from Park 4.  It’s the feeling of victory.

9.  That awkward moment when you realize it’s the one you hate and you’ve gotten for the 3rd time.
-You know the time, when you get so angry you want to scream.  Yet, honestly, when you look at the five Urban copies you have in front of you, you can’t help but smile at the cosmic joke.

10.  There’s a vinyl for everyone.
-If you love the parks, you’ll love the many and varied park designs.  Love the Muppets?  Got them too.  And the Urban series is varied enough for everyone!  No matter if you’re causal or hardcore, or what area of Disney you love, Vinylmation is the perfect souvenir for you.
Scott & Amanda

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Reprinted with permission from Scott and Amanda’s Blog “Expedition Vinylmation”